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Virus Removal

we irradicate computer viruses, malware and junkware.....don't allow your data to fall in the hands of spyware on a computer that can be quickly diagnosed and repaired
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Data Services

professional data storage and cloud backup services and configuration for computers and mobile devices
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your online diagnosis is free, computer and network diagnosis as a cloud service lowered our overhead and brings you bargain professional solutions
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Online Tech Support

tech support online even after hours, you don't have to wait for a technician to arrive or a store to open
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computer services
Data server and backups
same day Computer Services and Solutions

Our Services Save Your Time

fast and efficient computer diagnosis online to save you time, no surprises, with immediate quotes.

Computer Services

No need to drive anywhere or wait in line, we diagnose online for your convenience
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Network Diagnostics

Having networking issues? limit your downtime, with real-time solutions. Waiting for technicians to visit you is a slowdown to your productivity
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Computer and Network Consultation

The heart beat of your business is the maintenance and security of data

You may need tech support even after normal business hours and we are available to our clients.


over 15 years experience

We Service

stable and secure networks

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