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Virus Removal Confirmation

As professionals, it is important to do our jobs efficiently and by the most current means. We use various methods to remove computer root-kits and viruses, here's one method:
We use dedicated gateway firewalls to monitor infected computer traffic to malicious sources this makes it easier to find the infection and identify the source. by the time the procedure is over your results should look something like the image you see on the right, with no "add-on network traffic".

Bots, root-kits, viruses will redirect network traffic via proxy to collect your information for various reasons but one of the top reasons is to sell it and force internet marketing campaigns to your browser, here's one more you won't like; if your browser is infected it doesn't matter if your using Windows or OS X, when you check your email in a web-browser infected add-ons will collect your contacts spider through emails and in some cases hijack your email account and even send emails on your behalf.

There is no good reason to continue to use an infected computer

Get it serviced or turn it off for your own protection and the safety of others

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