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Grow Your Network With Open Source Solutions

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Video Conferencing

Jitsi is an open source video conferencing software that runs on your own self hosted Linux server. There are no limitations on customization, the power of your server and bandwidth will be the only limitation of how many people can attend your online meetings.

We build and configure this awesome software in the cloud or on a local server, the choice is yours. The Jitsi client software is compatible with all popular platforms including: Windows, OS X, Android and iOS, so that anyone with a smart device can attend your conferences.

As an added bonus, we install an SSL certificate on every server we configure, so security and the identity of those who attend your meetings is never compromised. This is not the only open source solution we offer but it is definitely a great place to start.

Rocket Chat

Another open source solution for team chat, file sharing, video communication and hold meetings from anywhere with anyone. We can also add an SSL certificate to keep the lines secure.

A1 Computers loves open source for the flexibility it brings and the affordable solutions it has to offer. You could spend thousands on equivalent software from other software manufacturers, but why?

Like Jitsi, this software functions on any smart device and on popular operating systems. Make yourself and your business more accessible, social while being just as efficient.

Pydio File Sharing

Pydio is a file share server with chat capability, you can securely share files, create groups and share specific directories with only certain people. Links can be set to expire, so maintaining security no longer requires a network professional! Bring the cost of ownership to the lowest it has ever been, better yet use a cloud server to minimize the total cost of ownership.

This script is again open source and compatible on all popular operating systems and mobile devices. Why didn’t anyone tell you about all this free software before, TAKE 1 GUESS!

Say goodbye to email attachments that take forever to upload and clutter your email storage and are just never that easy to find.

We strive to offer the best and most creative services to our clients, each business is different and some services will drive your productivity further than others. We want to be your network consultant in making the best choices for networking needs.

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