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Cloud Computing

Data Servers and Data Servers Local and Hosted Application ServersLess Hardware More Functionality
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Computer and Network Services

Maintenance and RepairRemote Virus RemovalComputer Diagnostics
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Local and Cloud Hosted PBX

Affordable Office Phone SystemVideo Conferencing For Local And Remote OfficeFirst Year Of Hosting Free
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OnlineTech Support

Available After HoursMitigate Network IntrusionsNetwork Firewall and DNS Traffic Management
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Virus Removal

Remote virus removal services to limit your downtimeWe Remove - computer viruses, malware, and spyware.Real solutions - to best prevent from a recurring infection or worse.Your computer and your data are important, we don't simply wipe out your computer like some other so called computer guys!Turn-around time, usually same or next day.
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Cloud Hosting

An affordably reliable solution for web hosting, remote database, applications for data management. Want to host video conferencing? Building in the cloud is affordable and low maintenance. We build local and cloud hosted applications. Consult with A1 Computers about making an experienced decision about where to host your network services.
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Networking Solutions

Share files printers and applications securely. Need to connect to your data server remotely? We build VPN servers with the most secure methods of staying connected to what's to your data. Mitigate vulnerabilities at the DNS level before it gets to your servers or any device connected to your network. We keep your internet clean and updated from online emerging threats
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Computer Maintenance

With so many computers and gadgets on your network, it's tough to keep up. We offer an affordable monthly solution to monitor network traffic, data backup management and computer system updates. Mitigation of bad network traffic looking to exploit your network environment. Monthly tech support services can typically prevent problems before they occur.
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Get the stability your looking for. Cloud providers can host numerous apps reliably

Try building in the cloud by selecting from our favorite service providers, with 1-click app deployments

Most Solutions Can be Developed Remotely

Our Experience Saves You Time

We use only services and software that have proven they're reliability.

Computer Services Beyond Limits

We take a structural approach to build a network foundation that will grow with your business network

Computer Services, Network Security, Data Management    Phone Systems, E-Commerce and Crypto Payments

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ARTICLES and tech updates
Ubuntu Linux[1]

We're On The Ubuntu Forum

We continue to contribute to the Linux Forums. Open Source has given us so many technological solutions

Gateway Firewall

Securing Network Traffic

Network threats will continue to emerge, prepare your network to mitigate network attacks and unwanted data collection

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Free and Subscription Based Network Security

protect your network devices, computers and mobile phones, all under your control, no new hardware to install! Just a simple configuration for any device connected to the internet. Block Ads, Malware, Spyware even unwanted software and services