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Why A Cloud Server

Have you considered how much time went in to tech support last year or even last week? A cloud server is not very unlike the servers you may already be running in your business currently, however there are benefits to cloud servers that local ones just can't offer.

Open Source

Linux based solutions are open source and most applications are free, we specialize in building these applications on your cloud hosted server;
Example: We can build a cloud based PBX solution in about an hour, think of it your office phone system ready to accept and route calls in under an hour!

how about Shared applications everyone in the office can share a single desktop environment with centralized storage to easily facilitate backups.

The flexibility and benefits of cloud servers goes on to a longer list. so if you have more questions


  • Network infrastructure - maintained by the host, not you!
  • volume snapshots - you can revert to a time before failure in almost no-time at all
  • Stability - never worry about a power outage or internet outage again
  • Customization - It's your server build what you want, ex. file server, phone system, VPN, remote access server
  • Speed - Today's cloud servers are common;y hosted on SSD hard drives, so their lightning fast

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