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Online tech support is a powerful tool built by A1 Computers in house with opensource code by MeshCentral and gives you access to instant computer and network services without wait times

The most convenient and affordable way to resolve
  1. computers running unstably – diagnose your computers before imminent failure or just regular maintenance

2. virus removal – quickly remove viruses, malware, spyware, junkware and other various computer infections 3. network services – having connectivity issues? Don’t accept unnecessary downtime. File sharing, printer sharing and other numerous network services can be configured online

The services listed above are just the begging of what can be done remotely

Hosted Data Services

Online backup storage and online data backup servers with web interfaces to make data accessible and simple to recover.

How about an office phone system that can be built in about 20 mins. A complete office configured in about 12 hours or less Video conferencing solutions and private chat servers with document sharing Website domain services and email hosting and setup We can build a powerful host of network services remotely to limit downtime and cost.

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