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Office Network Services

We Install & Repair: Servers, PBX, VPN Services & Gateway Firewall Security

PBX Server Installation

Host your PBX in localy or in the cloud

A software based PBX is an office phone system to replace proprietary hardware PBX / PABX using the SIP standard, making it easier to manage and allowing you to use many SIP providers and SIP phones (software or hardware). Benefits of using a software-based IP PBX:

  • PBX Management via web-based configuration interface
  • Less expensive - to purchase and expand than a traditional hardware-based PBX
  • No need for separate phone wiring – phones use standard network cable that we can install
  • Remote extensions and remote offices - so you can work from anywhere
  • PBX Flexibility - modify call routing fast and easy, change providers as you please

We are an official 3CX PBX and Digium (Asterisk) Partner and offer network engineered solutions

VMWARE – Server Virtualization

A1 Computers wants you to get the most from your hardware
virtualization is a solution that allows for more than one computer system to be run from within a single server.
The benefits are great and cost effective, so stop stacking servers on top of another, when you may be able to get away with just one. Backup every system with a volume snapshot and revert to a time before disaster in just minutes! Use less hardware and considerably less energy. Central management of computer systems.

Network Services & Firewall Security

What makes a hardware firewall important?

  • It is strategically installed at the root of your network gateway, that's where viruses and intrusions start
  • Why Linux? Linux systems are not susceptible to Windows Viruses, or intrusion types.
  • Powerful firewall features - Antimalware, Anti-phishing, Network Antivirus and Content Filtering
  • Email - mail scanner to detect infected email and spam
  • 1 Unit - Protects Network users on Ethernet and WiFi

Network Installation

  • Network Cabling - Cat5 and CAT6 cable installation
  • Wireless Networking - with industrial class hardware
  • Network Sharing - File, Print and Scan We build stable networks for local and remote access
  • Network Data Backup - work from a shared drive and have redundant network and cloud storage backup.
  • Network Video Surveillance - Optimized motion detection, remote video monitoring with the latest camera and NVR hardware
  • Virtualized Office - Web Apps that give you a point and click interface to your data, contacts management, invoice and accounting
  • We specialize in business solutions.

Linux Server & Windows Server Installation

servers can be customized to fit almost any need, especially in a virtual environment.

  • Domain Controller - for username and password distribution
  • Web Hosting - host as many domains as you need to from 1 server
  • Domain Email - setup unlimited email users, the only limitation is the size of your hard drive
  • File Sharing - share files locally and remotely with secure https and password protection
  • VPN - connect to work securely with an encrypted connection

The list goes on, consult with us and get the most from your server

Tech Support

Online Tech Support Click Here For Remote Tech Support
You will be instructed by an A1 specialist about remote support

Virtually all these services listed can be installed and repaired remotely. This means your business will suffer the lowest level of impact and possible loss of productivity.

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Configure your services in the cloud with high availability

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