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Computer Services

A1 Computers knows what it takes to make it work
While we do offer onsite service and computer repair, this is usually not the most cost effective way to repair your computer, in store service offers the benefit of many flat rate fees instead of hourly rates and we have more tools at our disposal in shop, however we do understand it may be more complicated to unplug your computer and bring it in.
We want to give you the service your looking for, We offer a free software diagnostic with an estimate prior to performing repair services in shop.
Please call or email us first if possible to schedule an appointment for computer drop off.

Computer Repair Services

  • Factory level operating system reloads
  • We offer support for Windows, OS X and various Linux Distributions
  • Removal of viruses, spyware and malware from your computer
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting and repair
  • Computer system cleanup and operating system optimization
  • technical support service is provided by phone, on-site or remotely
  • computer hardware upgrades
  • dedicated NVR (network video recording)
  • we also offer professional computer and network consulting

If you require a service that is by chance not listed, do not hesitate to ask us about any computer or network related solution

Custom Computers

A1 Computers understands your computing needs, we build:
Office workstations for stable and fast running computers
Gaming computers for even the most extreme enthusiast
Media center computers that bring the convenience of the internet to your TV
Servers for dedicated printing, files sharing or NAS data server systems
VOIP and PBX servers to manage your calls and maintain an efficient and more cost effective communications system.

Computer Repair Services

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