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3CX has gone Debian

3CX PBX is a software based PBX that has up until now only been able to be installed on Windows; meaning that you not only needed a 3CX PBX license but you also needed a license for Windows.
The software maker 3CX has finally broken the barrier and can now be installed on Debian 8 x64 which means it is now a more affordable phone system solution.
Since 3CX is basically replacing Elastix 4.X they currently want to encourage the Linux community to try their software by offering a free license for 8 concurrent calls and up to 25 extensions with this license.
Which features are missing in this so-called free edition?
The FAX server is definitely not included and don’t bother trying to add more than 1 SIP trunk, we already did and it is restricted. Queues and ring groups are certainly limited.
While this is a Beta edition and 3CX’s first Linux edition of the software PBX, bugs are expected so by no means should this be installed in a production environment.
We found that remote provisioning is simple and easy to deploy, and most things were point and click. Security is out of the box pre-configured, however it never hurts to make changes to enhance security. Almost forgot that 3CX automatically configures SSL certificates and provisions Dynamic DNS on your installation.
With all these benefits and restrictions in mind we still think for an I.T. admin or VOIP phone system installer this is a great opportunity to try this PBX system out. While it is not yet a fine tuned product it is basically a cloud born, cloud intended software that you can affordably try hosting yourself or better yet on a Linux VPS.

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