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Software Based VoIP IP PBX

Benefits Of A Software PBX

  • Simple web-based configuration interface
  • Less expensive to purchase and expand than a hardware-based PBX
  • No need for separate phone wiring – phones use standard network cable
  • Remote extensions – so you can work from anywhere
  • Make immediate changes inbound and outbound calls
  • Add or remove users quickly and easily
  • Host PBX locally or in the Cloud
  • Change voice providers almost at-will
  • SIP trunk providers are commonly available without contracts

Cloud PBX

You could host your own phone system on your server…..but why? To save?
The cost of a cloud based PBX (phone system) these days is almost negligible, most businesses can get away with $10 a month to have a phone system hosted in the cloud

Local phone systems commonly run a single server, what happens when it fails? Your phones don’t work that’s what!
How long will it take for your I.T. support to repair or fully resolve a failure? How many calls will you miss in that period of time?
Cloud hosted servers can come with redundancy that any small to mid-sized business can afford. If you value your business and your clients don’t take chances running a phone system on your own network.

Unfortunately there are instances were it may not be a matter of choice to run a phone system locally, you may not have enough bandwidth to support a cloud based phone system and at that point having the right I.T. team on your side
will make the difference not to mention the right hardware to keep your hardware running for the long term.

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