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Virus Definitions

So is my computer infected? How can I tell?

1 – Your computer is running unusually poorly or your internet connection seems to be significantly slower than normal.
2 – You get pop-ups with advertising while you are browsing the web, and sometimes even if you don’t have a web browser open.
3 – Your web browser constantly redirects you to sites that look like spam or advertising, while common and legitimate search portals like Google or Bing are replaced with malicious search portals.
4 – While browsing, the browser behaves oddly, such as words on web pages suddenly turning into links for advertising.
5 – You suspect that your identity has been stolen or you notice fraudulent charges on your credit cards.
6 – Your friends report getting strange emails from you that you that you don’t remember sending.
7 – Your computer becomes unusable or you can’t access your programs, or your icons get replaced with junk you didn’t even install.
If you suspect you have a malware infection on your computer, don’t panic. First, disconnect your computer from the internet so that no more of your information can be stolen. Then, bring it by A1.
Our computer and laptop repair technicians are pros at isolating and removing viruses and other infections, and will make sure your computer data is safe and virus free.


Do NOT click on pop-ups that say you have a virus and need to purchase antivirus software. This is a common scam, and entering your private information in the provided form will NOT fix your problem.

Virus Definitions

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