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Software Installations locally or in the cloud

cloud born applications can also be locally hosted applications, depending on your privacy needs and bandwidth availability will be the deciding factor in where you apps will live,

A cloud computer is simply a computer rented online, the cloud is your friend and can offer just as much security, if not more than your own private network.

Hosting locally means you will be responsible for backing up and the hardware of your servers

Choose your apps

Docker is a containerized system that makes self hosting and cloud hosting efficient by pre-allocating hardware resources to your apps

Make your network Work For You

Planning is key, let’s figure which applications you need and find a simple use interface to interact with them

Cloud Data Server
Cloud Data Server

For instance Nextcloud is a powerful web app that gives you access to your data from anywhere and allows mobile phones to backup to your own cloud, if you have a web browser and an internet connection, this app could be or you.

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