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Hosted Applications

A hosted application is the same as having it on your computers, the difference is it's not! The cloud runs on thousands of hard drives, how's that for redundancy?! Your computer runs on 1 hard drive.

Your cloud computer runs dedicated applications, with no human web browsing or other interference that could infect the system. The cloud is not always perfect for everyone, but indeed comes with many advantages.

What Can I Host?

The cloud computer is very much like your computer at home, so basically anything you don't trust your own computer to be responsible for.

QuickBooks, Data Server, Phone System (PBX), Web Server, Invoicing System, "POS" Cash registers, Video Conferencing, take your pick. We can build your cloud hosted application today. Stop taking the risk of depending on your own computer to handle your business.

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Andoid & iOS

Most hosted applications will be Linux based, don't worry you don't need to understand Linux to use it, but it is the most compatible platform for mobile devices. Need remote desktop access? No problem, it's secured with a cloud firewall. Take the hardware out of your office or home business.

How Does This Save Me Money?

No more need for service calls to the office to repair mission critical servers and applications. No more replacing hard drives, battery backups. The list goes on and on, when it comes to local maintenance, why bother the cloud is much more affordable and takes the tech out of tech work.

What Am I Buying?

Cloud hosted applications are basically a farm of machines, you will be renting a space for your business there. Prices will depend on your requirements, how much space  you will need and the amount of CPU power needed to run your applications effectively.

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