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FBI Threat Alerts

Who Wants to Hack Me?

You may think that your computer at home is insignificant in the great pool of technology and is not a target for intrusion.
To clarify this myth, the residential user who may not be familiar with emerging threats and 0-day viruses is in fact the weakest link and target for attack.

Did you know our FBI posts regular updates on their website about these threats! Read more

Using an infected computer is hazardous to your critical data and personal information and could potentially infect others by simply sending an email.

Be aware of the signs!

Did you click a link and get sent somewhere other than where you thought you were going?
That is a sign of a web-proxy, this means your traffic is being rerouted through an alternative source and they will have access to web logs of your traffic! Invasive tools on their end can be used to capture various levels of information.

This is just one example of malware, and how malicious it can be.
There are many others but one of the most threatening currently is Ransom-Ware, this threat can encrypt your information making impossible to read or recover the data!
Make sure you have a backup of your information at all times!

A1 Computers is dedicated you our clients, If there is a particular topic you have interest in feel free to contact us.
The more you know the safer you will be!

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